Medical translations in Toronto and Canada: doctor notes

Sometimes a need arises for translation of doctor notes to English or French or vice versa: from French (English) to another language. This often happens when medical treatment has been received abroad and there’s need to inform Canadian doctors and insurance companies about the nature of such treatment, procedures and costs. In other cases Canadians seek for professional assistance across the border and are looking to translate domestic notes and extracts to a foreign language.

No need to emphasize the importance of such translations and provide examples on why truly professional translation services should be looked for. In a situation where every letter or note matters, extra responsibility is put on translator’s shoulders and it is highly advisable that the translator you will work with has experience and extensive expertise working with doctors notes.

Usually, linguistic professionals working with doctor notes are especially trained to work with medical documents and read doctors’ handwriting as well. They are typically aware of acronyms and special abbreviations used in the country where the document originates from and understand the target language requirements at the same level of expertise.

At DocsBase Canada office in Toronto we work with medical documents every day providing our clients with the most accurate and carefully done translations possible. All of our translators are individually certified professionals with over 10 years of experience. We, however, always allocate those with specific training and skills to doctor notes translations. You may fully rely on our team of local certified experts who are native speakers of the language they work with. DocsBase Toronto team translates medical documents from English and French to other languages and from 140 languages to French and English.

All of our translation works are proofread, certified and delivered free of charge all over Canada including Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa. Alternatively, you may always come to our conveniently located Toronto office and pick your translation right from our hands.

Please feel free to contact us today to inquire about our medical translations services. Our support team works 24/7 for you.