Marriage certificate translation in Toronto and Canada

Quite often, certified translation of a marriage certificate might be needed. It usually happens when you prepare documents for visa or immigration, getting divorced, applying for name change or need to translate a Canadian marriage certificate for another country for any purpose. In each of the situations professional and, preferably, inexpensive certified translator is needed.

At DocsBase Toronto you will find the most experienced translators who work with marriage certificates from all over the world and translate them from and into over a hundred and forty languages including, of course, English and French. All of our local linguistic specialists are accredited members of Government departments and private institutions such as ATIO, ATA, OTTIAQ. This recognition guarantees high quality of our work and universal acceptance of translated marriage certificates all over Canada.

During the last decade of professional translation work we have developed a truly unique repository of forms and documents such as marriage certificates from all over the world as well as certification and legalization procedures for such. This allows us to provide services faster and cheaper and with the unbeatable quality for your full satisfaction.

Every marriage certificate translation is always proofread by our local Toronto based translators and presented to clients for spelling verification. Only after the approval we proceed with the certification and have your marriage certificate ready in our conveniently located office or ship them to any residential or business address absolutely free of charge anywhere in Canada including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and other places.

In case additional certification is required, we will gladly help too: our in-house Notary public will create a true copy of your papers and will seal the translation. We could help you legalize documents with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa (DFAIT) as well. All could be done with one team, quickly and hassle-free.

Simply contact our team of certified translators today for your free consultation and quote of marriage certificate translation. We are here to help.