The purpose of localization to adapt the already translated marketing materials, websites, etc. to the culture and language the required country or region. The final product has to be linguistically and culturally relevant to the market where it will be used. It is a more complex task than simple translation, the specialists need good knowledge of the culture and good marketing and language skills specifically tuned for the market.

Localization is more than translations and localization mistakes can be costly. Something that is well perceived in one part of the world can have a negative connotation in the other.

The localization has to ensure that graphics is adapted, local currencies and proper format for dates and times are used, addresses are written in the local way. This process also has to ensure that acceptable language and images are used and should take into account local legislation and regulations. All these changes will help recognize local sensitivities and avoid conflict with local cultural traditions and customs.

DocsBase Toronto has an extensive database of qualified translators who know what works and what does not in their native culture and language and they will ensure that your message is fine tuned to the local market.