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Localization services in Toronto

Localization, from a sales point of view, simply means that your message has been adapted to the local culture, community, interests of a particular group etc. For example, if you are about to sell goods or services in Toronto, Canada, it will be an obvious decision to have marketing brochures translated into English. This is a simple example of localization since visitors from Toronto, Ontario would probably be less inclined to read information in French than in English.

However, localization is much more and deeper than that. How about a thought: what would trigger clients from Toronto specifically to buy your products? Is there anything different about the way Torontonians look at this world which you may use to sell them your products or services?

With the current globalization tendency goods and services are more and more available to customers. Businesses that fail to convey their message to the local market risk to lose their positions. It is said “Think globally and act locally”. Localization is that needed local accent which clearly demonstrates to customers that your company is able to address their particular wants and needs.

If your company intends to do business in Canada or you are the Canadian company making a step abroad, you will need to have the right translation partner in Toronto able to help you to localize your marketing, sales materials, technical documents, website and many more.

DocsBase Toronto team employs local, in-house translators with over ten years of experience in their relevant fields. We always strive to deliver the best translation and localization results targeting the auditorium and reflecting any nuances needed to present your business better for the market. Every project we work on starts with the discussion of needs, selection of the right certified translator from our Toronto team and subject matter expert who will work hand to hand. Each translation is presented to the client and, if needed, adjusted with accordance to additional wants or needs.

Please feel free contacting our translation and localization team today. We work 24/7 to help you.