Legalization, Notary

Legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DFAIT)

Looking to validate Canadian documents to be used abroad? Need a Power of Attorney for another country? DocService Canada – new division of DocsBase is here to help!

Our teams in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver will assist you with documents notarization and legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DFAIT) as well as authentication in Embassies/Consulates of other countries.

Since Canada is not a member of Hague convention and does not accept apostille, legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consular legalization procedure is employed instead.

Legalization procedure is meant to authenticate that the authorized person’s signature is valid and true. For instance, Notary Public’s seal and signature certifying a true copy of the document has to be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DFAIT) and legalized by an Embassy or Consulate of the country where the document has to be eventually sent.

This procedure is rather complex and could be quite lengthy. That is why DocService department of DocsBase Canada works to help you. We specialize in authentication and legalization of personal and commercial documents and would make sure that legalization procedure would be as easy and hassle-free for you as possible.

Every day our team works with multiple documents such as marriage, birth, divorce certificates, driver licenses, articles of incorporation, financial and audit reports, powers of attorney and many more.

If needed, our Notaries would also help you drafting consents and declarations and will have them certified right on the spot. All of the services are provided in-house by our Commissioners, Notary Public, translation team and legalization professionals. You may rest assured that your business and personal documents would be authenticated in a timely, professional manner and within the budget.

Simply contact our legalization team today for your free quote. We work 24/7 to help you!