Importance of certified translators

Quite often we hear that a bilingual person can do translation work pretty well and no need to be a certified translator for that. However it might look reasonable, there are a few reasons why certified translation professionals will still be in demand in the future:

  • Experience and confirmed expertise. However bilingual a person might be, he or she does not necessarily an expert in translations of documents and might be unaware of catches and minor peculiarities which make translated documents acceptable for official jurisdictions. As an analogy, we may fix a car by selves but use professional mechanics anyways for reliable service. The same story with the certified translators: they are seasoned professionals in their fields who have spent years working with relevant texts and documents.


  • Reliability. Importance of certified translators arises every time a need arises to have a perfectly translated document of any nature which would reflect all cultural notes or use correct terminology. Experienced linguists will assist preparing documents of any nature: law, medical documents, instructions, manuals, marketing materials, immigration and visa papers. Apparently, you do not want to have your immigration case being delayed or rejected due to the wrongly prepared and translated documents.


  • Shared responsibility. Certified translation professionals know the importance of quality of their work. When you entrust professionally certified translator your documents, he or she becomes responsible for this work and prepares them accurately and mistakes-free.

At DocsBase Toronto office we work with 140 languages providing certified translation services from and into every one of them. All of our translation team members are certified professionals with accreditation from ATA, ATIO, OTTIAQ and guarantee universal acceptance of our translation works all over Canada and USA.

We provide certified translations for over 10 years and serve clients continent – wide with free delivery anywhere in The US or Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and others. Alternatively, you may come and pick your certified translated documents right at our conveniently located office. We will be glad to help!