How to avoid birth certificate translation mistakes

Almost every day we hear about the wrongly done birth certificate translation which has not been accepted by authorities and contained spelling and dates errors. “Could you please do it not like those guys” is probably one of the most common phrases we hear every single day, most like likely, the second one after “perfect, thank you”.

So how could be such errors possibly avoided?

Firstly, check and re-check spellings of all names mentioned in the translated document. Make sure they are written exactly the same way as in your other official documents. It is not easy sometimes to spell names correctly when translating a document from a language using non-latin alphabet to English. Experienced translators always remind about names spelling even if you forget about it.

Secondly, check the dates. Make sure they are present in the right order and, if are not in a Gregorian calendar, feel free to ask the translator for assistance with making a note with the corresponding month, day and year. Not necessarily the translator has to do it, but that may save you time when submitting your translation to official jurisdictions.

Last but not least, make sure gender is also written right. However foolish it may sound, it is still one of the most common mistakes we see in incorrectly done documents brought to us.

Altogether, most of these mistakes arise from lack of professionalism and expertise of the translator. This is why at DocsBase Canada we have rigorous quality check of our works and employ only the best local certified linguistic experts. With our Toronto team you may rest fully assured that certified translations done by our team will be universally accepted all over Canada and USA. We deliver our proofread and certified translation works anywhere in Notrth America including Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and other cities and towns absolutely free of charge!

Feel free to contact our Toronto certified translation team today; your full satisfaction with cost, time and quality is guaranteed!