Greek translation services in Toronto and Canada

At DocsBase Toronto we provide certified translations from Greek to English (French) and from English (French) to Greek in a variety of fields including personal documents, scientific fields, website translation, legal, commercial, marketing, engineering, oil and gas etc. We also provide transcribing Greek services in Toronto.

All of our Greek translators are local linguists with accreditation from such organizations as ATA, ATIO and OTTIAQ. We do not use foreign or freelance translators and always do all the work internally protecting and respecting our clients’ privacy. When it comes to project assignment, we form a team of translators, proofreader and subject matter expert based on accreditation, subject familiarity and expertise. Our Greek team will ensure that the translation will read naturally and have proper use of terminology of the target audience.

Greek translation cost

At DocsBase Toronto we strive to provide best prices on the market without sacrificing quality and time. Our Greek translation team has developed a truly unique database of documents and forms and therefore is able to provide translations fast and for a fraction of cost you may see at other professional translation companies.

How can I pick up?

After proofreading, we always send the translation to our clients for approval prior to the certification so that you may see well in advance how the translation will look like. Right after the translation is approved, it is certified, sealed and is placed for pick up at our conveniently located Toronto office. Alternatively, your certified Greek translation might be shipped to your residential or business address anywhere in Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and others or anywhere in The USA.  Would you like us to send it to authorities in the US or Canada? Not a problem, we will do it absolutely free of charge.

Simply contact us today for your Greek certified translation quote and consultation. We will are here to help.