Frequently asked questions

Why do I need have my documents professionally translated?

If you are about to submit your documents to any official jurisdiction in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal or anywhere in Canada or USA, most likely certified translation will be required. This requirement arises from intention to mitigate the risk of translation misrepresentation. Certified translator bears responsibility to create accurate word by word translation from the language he or she works to without alterations.

Such can not be said about machine translation which sometimes distorts meaning of the text dramatically.


How much does the translation cost?

Cost usually depends on the complexity, nature of the text and certification requirements for the final document, for example Notary certification might be needed. At DocsBase Canada we always strive to offer to our clients the best possible price without sacrificing the quality.


How long will it take?

At DocsBase Toronto we translate most of documents we work with in less than a day. Larger documents require more time but we also inform our clients about the timeline well in advance. When submitting a document for a quote you may expect to receive a reply from us in a few minutes with the exact price and time it will take us to complete your translation. Urgent translations are also available.


Which languages do you work with?

We are fully licensed and professionally work with 140 languages and can provide translations from and into every one of them.


What documents do you translate?

We work with personal and corporate translations and every day we translate such documents as:

  • Passports, visas, travel permits
  • Driver licenses
  • Marriage, divorce, birth and death certificates
  • Police certificates
  • Academic credentials: diplomas, certificates, transcripts, degree
  • Employment letters
  • Court papers
  • Medical documents
  • and many more

For our corporate clients we translate all types of marketing, medical, technical, IT documents, financial forms etc.