Drivers license translation

Driving license translation

Driving license translation in Toronto

Driving license translation in Toronto might be required when you drive in a foreign country. In some countries you can order international driving license to be issued by the registration authorities which is just a translation of your driving license into several different languages. DocsBase Canada will provide notary certified translation of your driving license. It is usually done in letter format and the original format of the document is kept as much as possible.

In most cases you will not need to submit your original driving license for translation, just a copy will suffice. You will have to keep your original driving license and notary certified translation together in case you have to show it on the road.

Driving license is an important personal document and DocsBase Toronto will provide accurate and professional translation. Our in-house notary will certify it so that you do not have to waste time for separate notary certification.

You might need to translate your driving license if:

  • You need to rent a car abroad;
  • You need to obtain driving license in a country other than the issuing one and with a different official language;
  • You want to work abroad.