Parents sponsorship translation Canada

Documents translation for parents’ sponsorship

If you are looking to sponsor your parents to come and settle in Canada as Permanent Residents, you would have to prepare all the documents with accordance to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) guidelines. One of the requirements is documents translation. If your parents’ documents are issued in any language other than English or French, they would have to be translated and certified by a professional linguist.

It is quite common to have parents’ documents in more than just one language. In this situation you would have to look for a few certified translators or employ services of a translation agency which provides multi-language solutions.

Typical documents needed to be translated for parents sponsorship include:

  • Birth certificates of sponsor and parents
  • Marriage certificate of sponsored parents
  • Birth certificate and marriage certificate of sponsors.

Even though the list does not look complex, it is not right to leave the translation to the last minute. Delayed copies arrival, forgotten scans and many other reasons would only put unnecessary pressure on you.

Considering the limited number of accepted sponsorship applications, it is especially important to have all the papers translated and certified mistakes free and in time.

At DocsBase Canada we always look behind every translation request and understand how essential this application is for your family. This is why we allocate additional resources at the end of every year when many clients prepare sponsorship applications for submission. Leaving no chance to mistakes, we verify thoroughly spelling in each document and make sure your papers would be professionally translated and certified with the accordance to CIC guidelines.

You may rest absolutely assured that entrusting to us translation of your documents you would receive them fully prepared and certified right when you need them. Please feel free contacting our translation team at any time upon your convenience. We work to help you.