Contract agreements translation

Contract agreements translation is one of the most commonly used legal translation services. It is always in high demand due to globalization and cross-border business opportunities.

Contracts agreements translation requires from the translator the utmost care and preciseness to avoid even minor discrepancies.

Entrusting your translation to DocsBase Canada team you may be absolutely assured that your contract agreement translation will be done strictly in time by legal translation experts with years of related experience. We provide certified translations from and into 140 languages and work every day with such documents as:

  • Business, trade, partnership proposals
  • Variety of industry agreements
  • Contracts translations
  • Non-disclosure agreements and forms and many more


All of our translations are officially certified to be accepted across Canada and abroad. If necessary, our in-house Notary Public will seal documents for you as well.


Please feel free contacting our team by phone, in person or via email. We work 24/7 and are always glad to help.