Certified translations in Toronto, GTA and across Canada

Here at DocsBase Canada we specialize in certification of translations for personal and corporate clients.

Do I need certified translation and do my translation needs certification?

Certified translations are translations which are prepared specifically to act as legal documents. They are always signed by an accredited translator (sometimes referred as a sworn translation), attested by the company or individual translator seal and, if required, stamped by the Notary Public. This process ensures that the prepared translations are not altered or anyhow modified after they are complete and certified.

Certification of translation guarantees its acceptance by officials in Toronto, across Canada, USA and other countries. Of course, different Government, semi-Government and private institutions in Canada, America and Europe have quite different certification procedures. That is why it is so crucially important to have trusted partnership with reputable translation company which can solve any translation and certification issues you may potentially encounter.  At DocsBase Canada we specialize in certification, Notarization and legalization of domestic and foreign documents for over ten years. Our local accredited linguists work with personal documents from all over the world. To name just a few:

  • Passports
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Visas and passport stamps
  • Marriage, death and birth certificates
  • Name change certificates
  • Financial documents including tax forms and tax reports
  • Baptism certificates
  • Medical documents and forms
  • Pet certificates, passports and immunization cards

Not sure which certification level you need? No worries. All you need is tell our experts where would you submit your documents and our managers will explain you the procedure, will advise how and what to do and will help preparing the whole documents set.

Simply contact us today via phone or by sending us an email either through the contact form below or directly to order@docsbase.ca Our team works 24/7 for you! You may also come to our conveniently located Toronto office during working hours and we will assist you with any documents translations inquiry you may possibly have.