Certified translation services in Toronto

If you are looking for certified translation of your personal or business documents in Toronto you are in the right place. For over a decade DocsBase certified translators and linguists proudly serve Toronto area as well as clients across Canada providing best quality translation services for a fraction of cost you may find at other certified translation companies. We can do that for a few reasons:

  • all of our translators, proofreaders and linguistic industry experts are local in-house personnel located in Toronto
  • we have our own in-house Notary public and do not use third party services in our work ensuring absolute confidentiality and clients’ privacy
  • we have developed our own unique documents repository and certification procedures guidelines set so that we know for sure how to certify which document

Our Toronto team of certified translation experts consists of highly skilled interpreters and translators who are native speakers of 140 languages and who work with personal and business documents translations every day. Range of official documents we work with in Toronto includes but is not limited to:

  • Travel documents, passports
  • Driver’s licenses, safe driving records
  • Visas and passport stamps, travel records
  • Marriage, death, baptism, divorce certificates
  • Financial documents
  • Medical records
  • Employment references and books
  • Diplomas, academic records, school certificates and many more

You may be absolutely confident that DocsBase Toronto team will do everything possible to translate your documents for the best price and within the fastest possible time. Our certified translators will seal and attest your documents so that they are accepted by any jurisdiction in Toronto, across Canada and USA. If necessary, we will also help you with documents legalization so that your papers will be fully valid outside of Canada.

Simply contact our Toronto team by sending us an email or giving a call. Our support staff works 24/7 for your convenience!