Russian certified translation

Certified Russian translation. What should I know

When it comes to translation from or into Russian language there are a few possible pitfalls one has to be aware of.

First and foremost, Eastern Slavik or Slavonik languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian) use Cyrillic alphabet with its letters being different from Latin one. This inevitably leads to the fact that names and places spelling have to be carefully verified when documents are translated from or into Russian. It is always recommended to compare spelling of names in translated texts with spelling in official documents, e.g. passport, driver’s license.

Another possible issue derives from the first one: many institutions, private and government organizations may have official names in English which may differ from the direct Russian translation. For instance, almost every academic institution in Russia, such as a University or a College, has its official English name. This fact has to be taken into a consideration when preparing documents for immigration, education credentials assessment, writing reference letters etc.

Possible pitfall with certification of translated documents is common for every language, not just Russian. Compared to our southern neighbor where there is no requirement for translations certification, Canada has rules which are as diverse as our society: we have certification guidelines of Federal, Provincial governments, special rules established by private institutions and many more. Take, for example, the Province of Quebec where only OTTIAQ translations are deemed acceptable.

It is not always easy to understand how to apply these rules properly and satisfy each and every organization with your Russian translation. Therefore, professional assistance might be required.

At DocsBase Canada we employ only certified professional Russian translators and interpreters whose credentials are verified by Federal and Provincial bodies such as ATIO, OTTIAQ, CTTIC. Our specialists would be glad to assist you with expert analysis of your needs and will prepare documents for any organization within Canada and abroad.

Please feel free contacting us 24/7 upon your convenience. We work to help you.