Certified translation by mail in Canada and USA

At DocsBase Canada team our client is always our priority. That is why we are striving to offer the best quality services for the lowest price among certified translation companies. Our customer relation team also implements and adds new services to serve better and better.  All of our offices including the one in Toronto are conveniently located to provide access for commuters using public transportation and those driving cars.

One of our services is certified translations mailing in Canada, USA and abroad. What makes us so different? We do it for free! We believe that it is our responsibility to make your experience working with us as pleasant as possible. That is why we translate, proofread and post translations to our clients without any additional charges. And if shipping to the USA and across Canada is our daily task, sometimes we send documents as far as to India, Korea and even Fiji!

Prior to sending documents to you we scan and email scanned copy to you the on the day of physical shipment. Not only it gives a peace of mind to our clients but also helps to submit documents faster. For example, for Canadian visa application only electronic translation of documents is needed.

Regular shipment time could always be checked with the postal services provider of the destination country. Across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) most of certified translated documents are delivered within 2 days, shipment to the USA takes 2-4 days and documents usually reach India within 10-12 days.

Of course, we are ready to help with expedite delivery methods as well. Since we ship hundreds of documents in Toronto, all over Canada, the US and other countries, we have special prices with most of the courier services. So for the small fees documents could be with you a little faster.

With all your translation needs and for mailing your translation directly to your home, office or right to the accepting jurisdiction in Canada, USA, Europe or anywhere else simply contact our team 24/7!