Certified legal translation services

It is quite a common rule that Court proceedings are conducted in the official country language where hearing takes place. In federal states it is also possible that hearing is held in the official language of the State/Province or Territory. Sometimes, language of the Court could set in accordance with the international law, for example in the international tribunal.

Language of the Court proceeding defines language of documents which are provided to the Court. These documents include not only appeal and defense papers but also all of the evidences, proofs, powers of attorney etc.

Quite often, a need arises to prepare certified translation of foreign documents for the process. These translations should be done and accordingly certified to be accepted by the Court. Professional translation services provided by DocsBase ensure that documents prepared by our certified linguists are recognized by judicial authorities in Canada, The USA and other countries.

It is, however, important to understand that certified legal translation is a procedure of documents preparation which does not change or alter anyhow meaning of the prepared papers and does not provide additional power to such.

Working with DocsBase team you may be absolutely sure that your personal or corporate documents will be prepared with accordance to the requirements of the jurisdiction where certified legal translation will be submitted. Our team has over a decade of experience working with Courts in The US, Canada, European Union and other countries and we have a dedicated team of certified in-house translators who are fully aware of legal terminology used in Courts across the world.

To add more, we have our own Notary Public who will gladly attest and certify your signature or will prepare true copies of needed documents.

Please feel free to contact our support team 24/7 upon your convenience via email or phone or by simply coming to our office during working hours. We will gladly help you!