Certified Hindi translation in Toronto

About 260 million people in India only are believed to be Hindi native speakers, this fact makes Hindi one of the most popular languages in the world. In Toronto Hindi speaking community is quite large but finding a qualified certified translator is not easy still. At DocsBase Canada we could proudly say that we know everything about Hindi translations. We translate, certify and notarize lots of personal and corporate documents from and into Hindi at our Toronto office. Here are some examples of Hindi documents translations we work with:

  • Birth certificates, marriage, death certificates
  • Property evaluation papers
  • Passports and travel documents
  • Driver licenses
  • Income tax reports, medical documents
  • Corporate Hindi translations (website localization, marketing translation, technical and IT translations and many more).

You may also assume that we obviously know a lot about documents submission and preparation and can assist you with such issues as absence of name in Hindi birth certificate, incorrect spelling in passport and/or school documents and many others. Our knowledgeable certified translation team has been serving Toronto clients looking for Hindi translations for over a decade now and we will be glad to assist you too!

In case you would need support with Notarization of your Hindi documents DocsBase will do it for you. Our local in-house Notary Public will prepare affidavits, power of attorney, will certify your signature and will make true copies of your domestic and foreign documents.

You may always rely on DocsBase experience and expertise when it comes to certified Hindi translations. Our team will translate, proofread, check spellings of names and only then will certify your documents to be used in Toronto, all across Canada and USA.

Please feel free to submit your questions via the form below or send us an email – we work 24/7 for you!