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Certified Arabic translation in Toronto (GTA)

Arabic translation services in Toronto

Arabic is one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn and to translate to. Why is that? Mostly it is due to the fact that that in order to convey a message correctly, translator has to have a really good command of the lexicon and phraseology. Moreover, lots and lots of technological terms do not have direct translation in Arabic. Therefore, an Arabic translator often has to rely solely on the experience and inner feelings when adapting a document and preserving its meaning in French or English.

There is also a lack of technological resources available for translators working with Arabic language. Take, for example such a common system as Optical Character Recognition (Reader). These commonly-used software tools or systems allow a translator to convert written or scanned document into a print one thus saving lots of precious time for both for a linguist and a client. These systems still do not exist for Arabic language. Best practices, methodologies, recommended guidelines are also non-existent.

For a client it means that when a need arises for Arabic translation, a person has to rely in full on individual translator’s expertise hoping for the best. This is why DocsBase team in Toronto selects Arabic translators so carefully. We employ our own full-time certified Arabic translators who are proficient in working with personal documents for immigration, courts, Citizenship applications, diplomas etc. as well as business Arabic translations.

For every Arabic translation project our Toronto team assigns certified professional who is expert in the related industry or field. Once work is done, it is proofread, shown to a client and only then it is certified and notarized so that the complete document will be accepted by any jurisdiction in Canada.

Please contact us for the quote. Our friendly staff is here to help with any Arabic translation need you may have.