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Can I translate documents by self in Canada?

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Have you ever thought why Canadian Government, semi-Government and even private institutions require translation of documents issued in other than English or French language to be translated by a certified professional? However obvious the answer may be, lots of individuals still doubt the requirement and raise a question why documents were rejected if translated by self.

The major reason is not distrust, not at all. Official jurisdictions, however, acknowledge the fact that you are the interested person; hence the level of objectivity may be doubtful when documents are translated by you. There is an obvious desire to make your application for immigration, Permanent Residency (PR) card renewal, Citizenship etc., look better in the eyes of accepting jurisdiction.

Another important reason is imperfections in such translations and inevitable associated costs of investigation, delayed processing of applications and even case rejections. Colleges, Universities, CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) and other official institutions may deny an application without returning the fee simply because their requirements were not met.

In a nutshell, officials require translations to be certified simply because they care of you.

In order to minimize potential threat to your application you are asked to use professional services of certified translators who ensure accuracy of the document translation.  Professional translators may also help you to understand the requirements better, for instance, of passport stamps and visas translation, e.g. which stamps and visas could be left intact and which ones are mandatory for submission to CIC.

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