ATIO certified translation

ATIO certified translation for immigration

If you live in Ontario and plan to apply for the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program, you would have to employ services of ATIO translator to have your documents translated into English or French. Typically, you have two options to choose from: employ services of an individual translator or come to a professional translation company. So, which one to select?

Individual translators could be a good choice if you need to translate just one document and do it quickly no matter of the cost or quality.

Translation companies, on the other hand, might be a smart choice if you are looking not to spend hundreds of dollars on translation of your immigration documents. Try, for example, to geta quote from a company for ATIO certified translation and compare it to the one you may receive from an individual translator. Price may differ significantly even for a simple birth certificate or drivers license.

Another important point is a multiple language task: say, for instance, you are looking to translate documents originating from various countries. Typical example could be police clearances from all places where you lived for more than six months. Certified translation companies could easily help you to handle this job offering services in multiple languages. Individual linguists, however, rarely work with more than one language pair which may require you to seek for additional help somewhere else.

Last but not least is difference in quality of work. Translation agencies could have documents proofread by another in-house linguist and make sure that your papers are mistakes-free prior to the certification. It is not, of course, the case of freelancers working individually.

At DocsBase Canada we employ certified ATIO professionals as well as translators certified by other organizations and Government Departments. Our own, in-house experts will gladly assist you with documents translation for immigration as well as with other translation projects. Please feel free contacting us directly at any time. We work 24/7 to help you.