Georgian language has its own unique writin system. This language is spoken by over 5 million people in Georgia and around the world.
DocsBase specializes in translation from and into Georgian for more than a decade. Our experts have developed unique knowledge base of Georgian documents which includes various types of birth and marriage certificates, affidavits, immigration documents, diplomas and many more.
Our Georgian team consists of native speakers with degrees in linguistics from European Union and Canadian universities. Entrusting your translation needs on DocsBase you may rest absolutely assured that your documents would be translated with utmost quality and confidentiality. Our experts will prepare and proofread your Georgian translation prior to officially certifying it to be used anywhere in Canada or abroad.
Our professional translation team also assists businesses with official translation of proposals, marketing materials, technical documentation, patents and other corporate documents into and from Georgian.
Feel free to request no obligations quote from DocsBase. We are here to assist you!